Next steps

It would have been much better for the commune to redeem this land as it had for the one on the opposite side of the road. In any case, the final result of our joint action is a project better adapted to the neighborhood than the original proposal. We now need to move forward on the next steps. Apparently, the developer would be willing to listen to the suggestions of local residents concerning the shops that will be provided on the ground floor of the new building. We must use this opportunity to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Please send us your comments and suggestions no later than 15/09/2017, either by writing to 26 rue des Seringas, 1950 Kraainem or by email at

Different ideas have already come to us, among others:

  • Crèche to replace that of opposite which according to our information should stop its activities
  • Bicycle shop / workshop
  • Music instruments and accessories
  • Fitness room or yoga
  • Organic store (organic fruits and vegetables)
  • Florist
  • Point Poste, Kiala Point
  • Small Post Office allowing basic financial transactions for elderly people who have no access to Internet and who cannot go easily to the Post Office of the rue d’Argile
  • Chocolatier Leonidas
  • Yves Rocher

Any suggestions are welcome, but in order to stay within the logic of the KPP approach, we believe that we should focus on businesses that are not going to cause too much extra traffic, and avoid those that duplicate activities already present in this zone.

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