Welcome to this website about the evolution of the real estate project of Home Invest Belgium on the site of the former Kraainem Post Office Avenue de Wezembeek. For background information about this project, for (your) opinions (comments, suggestions,…) and for the next steps, please check the relevant tabs. Follow the evolution of the demolition works and the building process on “Pictures”


Latest news:

The last trees at the Koningin Astridlaan have been cut down on 2019-01-16. This decision has been taken on 2018-12-27 and was necessary to build the sidewalk.


What did the KPP Committee achieve compared to the original project?

The KPP Committee has obtained that the Commune has consulted with the inhabitants, but mobility problems have been only partially taken into account. In practice, the major changes to the original project are as follows:

  • The building is 3 m further away from Wezembeek avenue and a small piece of land is returned to the municipality in order to allow the eventual rearrangement of the crossroads of avenue Astrid and Wezembeek
  • The parking spaces on the Avenue Reine Astrid side are removed (access to the underground car park next to rue Jules Adant)
  • On the ground floor, the commercial surface is reduced by 40% and only businesses that do not generate (too much) additional traffic will be allowed. The height of the illuminated signs is limited and must be extinguished at 22:00
  • The fourth level is set back from the facade of the entire building
  • There will be more green space on the side of Reina Astrid Avenue
  • Some trees were saved for some time, but the ones the Jules Adantstraat have been cut down at the end of January 2018

We must also remain vigilant and closely follow the development of this real estate project because it is located next to the Pikdorenveld and could become a dangerous precedent for other developments (the Pikdorenveld is not supposed to become a building area at the moment, but some people have other intentions)

Of course, and like many of you, we would have preferred that the municipality buy this land as it did for the one on the opposite side to make a green area and keep the possibility to reorganize the crossing Astrid/Wezembeek.

We have nevertheless obtained with your assistance a project much more reasonable than the initial version, and you are very grateful for it; It is now time to think about the next steps! Insofar as the developer is ready to listen to the suggestions of the local residents concerning the businesses on the ground floor, give us your ideas!

Updated 2019-01-16 2150

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  1. Bertrand Waucquez says:

    Quite a few cars stay on the parking of the post today. Where will these cars go?

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